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Plan B

The last 12 months have seen some huge changes for everyone, from work life to our personal lives and everything in between. And there’s no exception to this within the marketing world. The past year has seen some big changes to how people have been using some of your favourite digital channels too.

A channel that has accelerated its growth further during the pandemic is social media. With users spending more time per day scrolling the likes of Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, capturing the audience via social has never been more important. The flip side to this is that other…

Plan B is all about identifying the problems that are holding you back and making the changes you need fast. It about putting your business back on track so you can move forward.

When it comes to working fast, we don’t believe in rushing ahead and putting the cart before the horse. Because if you’re not well set up or measuring the right metrics, it’s hard to make changes that can make a big difference to your digital performance.

So we do things differently. We run an initial social sprint that is all about auditing key parts of your social…

The Plan B method is all about combining sprints to evolve your brand quickly in the areas that matter most right now. Most of our Plan B conversations start with “We want to do more digital marketing but…” and that’s the real key problem to solve with these brand strategy sprints. It’s not good ramping up your ad spend if your brand isn’t compelling, consistent, and authentic. So here are some of the biggest “buts” that our Plan B Strategy Sprints can help solve.

We don’t stand out from our competitors.

This is particularly difficult in highly saturated B2B markets…

The tone of voice is key to targeting and engaging audiences; particularly now when social media channels are the main interaction point between brands and consumers.

Another thing driving the increasing importance of tone of voice, is market saturation. The internet and technology innovations mean that competition isn’t restricted to down the road, the same city or even the same country for many sectors. If you think you’ve got a unique idea, the internet quickly helps you realise otherwise. So if you can’t say different things to your competitors, the way you say it becomes the point of difference.


Shortening attention spans in an increasingly digital world means that a brand’s customer journey needs to be more considered than it’s ever been before. Still reading? Good.

Your customer journey is all the touchpoints your customer has with your brand as they go from prospect to purchase to post-purchase. Everyone has their own definitions when it comes to the stages of a customer journey but I like to keep things simple and roughly it can be broken down into

1. Awareness

Discovering your brand.

2. Consideration

Comparing your offering with alternative options.

3. Conversion

Committing to a purchase.

4. Loyalty

With the world around us changing at ever-increasing speeds, be it technology, attitudes, values etc. It’s becoming increasingly hard to predict and plan for the long-term. Instead, businesses are having to put greater emphasis on the short-term and be as reactive as possible.

This new short-term approach has created a disconnect between standard agency processes that deliver big changes after several months and what many clients actually need — small improvements in a matter of weeks.

Brands are now constantly targeting new audiences, exploring new platforms and launching new products/services.

Whenever changes like this are made, it’s important that brand…

What is Plan B?

Out of the sectors that most suffered in 2020, the businesses that did best were those that were able to adapt and evolve quickly. Some found new audiences for their existing products and services, some embraced new platforms, and others launched completely new products. What it taught us is that while there is always a need for projects that are focused on long-term planning and use research to inform strategic decisions, there is also a need for something that can move and deliver quickly. That’s what Plan B is all about.

Plan B is brought to…

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