Need for speed!

Plan B
2 min readFeb 10, 2021

With the world around us changing at ever-increasing speeds, be it technology, attitudes, values etc. It’s becoming increasingly hard to predict and plan for the long-term. Instead, businesses are having to put greater emphasis on the short-term and be as reactive as possible.

This new short-term approach has created a disconnect between standard agency processes that deliver big changes after several months and what many clients actually need — small improvements in a matter of weeks.

Brands are now constantly targeting new audiences, exploring new platforms and launching new products/services.

Whenever changes like this are made, it’s important that brand and marketing strategies are adapted alongside them. New audiences may require a tweak of the brand messaging or a brand story may need to be adapted to be more compelling. A new product requires positioning, messaging and visual identity of its own. If a business puts more emphasis on its digital strategy, its website may need streamlining, new content, or new functionality. Embracing new social media platforms requires a whole strategy; what’s the objective of this channel in your marketing mix? Who are you speaking to? What are you trying to say? How are you going to say it?

And the key with all of this is that it all needs to happen very quickly.

That’s why we’ve created a new brand and marketing product built around the idea of improving a business’ brand and marketing as quickly as possible. It’s called Plan B and focuses on pinpointing game-changing opportunities for improvements across brand strategy, design, digital and social and getting this to market fast.

Experience and expertise over research.

Rather than a costly and time-consuming research process to inform strategic decisions, we instead rely on our expertise and experience our people have developed while helping over 500 brands be better.

Evolution over revolution

We’re not focusing on delivering massive overhauls that transform a business completely for the long-term. It’s about identifying key opportunities to improve and adapting the brand enough to deliver results.

It’s a product designed for brands that are ambitious, bold, and want to move fast. If you’re a sit back, see what happens and hope for the best kind of a business…It’s not for you.

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