What is Plan B?

Out of the sectors that most suffered in 2020, the businesses that did best were those that were able to adapt and evolve quickly. Some found new audiences for their existing products and services, some embraced new platforms, and others launched completely new products. What it taught us is that while there is always a need for projects that are focused on long-term planning and use research to inform strategic decisions, there is also a need for something that can move and deliver quickly. That’s what Plan B is all about.

Plan B is brought to you by the team at Orb, a creative agency based in Birmingham that has helping brands get better for over 15 years. We’ve stripped back the standard agency process to focus on delivering what matters most to help businesses quickly reposition, adapt and evolve to seize new opportunities.

Why Plan B? Well the B stands for Better, but shorter (clever, right?). And of course, the meaning of Plan B is something that is executed when Plan A isn’t working, and that’s what this process is designed to do.

We use our instinct and expertise to identify the biggest opportunities for a business to improve across brand strategy, design, social and digital. We then use a streamlined process to deliver what’s needed most.

That streamlined process involves sprint days where a specialist is dedicated to a business for an entire day with fast turn around times. Sprint days are rough thoughts in the morning, tweaks around lunch, and finalising by end of play. It’s all about identifying and delivering breakthrough ideas that work, quickly.

We won’t be solving complex strategic decisions and running big workshops with loads of staff. It’s not about getting something that is perfect; it’s about adapting a businesses enough to move forward right now.

Clients can pick and choose the sprints they want to run and build their own Plan B project. This helps get rid of the large lead times between enquiry and quote associated with typical branding projects, as well as creating more transparency over pricing.

It’s been a big plunge for us to tear up the rulebook and stray away from established processes, but the response so far has been amazing. We truly believe Plan B is an excellent way to make branding projects more accessible and fit for the current market.

Plan B has already helped numerous businesses get better, fast. You can check out some Plan B projects — https://planb.thisisorb.com/case-studies/